April 23, 2020

Point of Sale (POS) / Inventory Software

POS software is a worldwide recognized software. If you are an entrepreneur, a trading corporation or an organization this software can be your go-to. Usually it is quite a common scenario to see the busiest organizations or shops struggling to keep track of their daily income, expenses as well as their inventory.

To help you with this problem we have introduced online POS software. With this any financial calculations would be a piece of cake. This is very easy to use and anyone can hang with it some easy procedure.

Our online POS software services are as following:

  1. Accounts of product purchase
  2. Accounts of product stocks
  3. Accounts of product sales
  4. Cash / balance report
  5. Cost reports
  6. Profit / loss report
  7. Can be used online
  8. Data can be backed up
  9. Barcodes can be printed

What do you need to use this software?

  1. A desktop or a laptop
  2. Internet connection
  3. Barcode Printer (optional)