October 26, 2019

Website Development

There are many business organizations are in the world now. And everyday new business organization are forming. Softbit IT is renowned for website & web application development. We can provide you any kind of website according to your business and personal requirements. Our skilled team will understand your requirements and give you the best result. Some available websites we provide are given below. Please contact us for demo and price.

  • E-commerce and shopping Website

  • Online Newspaper Website

  • Travel Agency Website

  • Spa, Salon & Parlour Website

  • Restaurant website

  • Shipping & Logistic business website.

  • Live Radio Website.

  • Arts, Music and Entertainment website.

  • Video Streaming website

  • Book Store website

  • Real state company website

  • Construction company website. 

  • Engineering service website. 

  • Auction website.

  • Sports website.

  • Car and motor bike Workshop website.

  • Car and motorbike shop website.

  • Pharmaceutical and medical website. 

  • Furniture business website.

  • Jewelry business website.

  • Import & Export Business Website.

  • Photography and Event Website.

  • Blog site. 

  • Any kind of supplier business website.